The shy architecture, has the timid character for its inspiration.
The brave persons change, modify and alter the truth but the shy ones are the protectors of life. They are the true “conservationists”. The shy ones are attentive and sensitive, at times they can be excessive in their caution, but very rarely are they mistaken in perceiving danger. They are our sentries, if we listen to them, their fear can protect us all. The shy one is the only one that understands our limits, who marks our human limits (he knows you well); therefore shyness is also our wisdom.
The true wealth of the shy architect is given from knowing how to make do with little, of which little there is never shortage. On the contrary the madness of the traditional restoration and the contemporary architecture is based on a miraculous technique, the waste of resources, the spreading consumerism, the opulence, the will of power that is only a ghost.
The large wealth of the shy restoration, and in general the shy architecture, is the absence, the renunciation of the operation according to the principle of “peace stands still”, the uselessness of an operation if not extremely necessary. Its trait is to hide, stopping itself at the opportune moment, not the spectacle of the operation, the knowledge of not understanding it all and the prudence, in other words the shyness.
Sisifo personifies the traditional architecture while the shy architecture is personified by the rabbit.
Sisifo exists on this earth; we have it under our eyes. It is the wheel that turns transactions, of the swollen costs, of the exemplary restorations, the restitution of the original splendor, of the great sponsors, the defined and massive operations of the wilderness made normal…
The rabbit on the other hand, it is he who digs. The rabbit is the animal that stays in the hole. The rabbit like the shy rodent, gnaws. Alert for any potential danger its proverbial shyness digs, bites, and gnaws at the world. At the will of power of the technical world, the characteristic philosophy of the shy one answers with parsimony and economy.
The shy architecture takes care of all those aspects which normally the traditional architecture neglects.
The shy architecture in front of technique behaves sweetly.
The shy architecture in front of the economy practices a new strike: it does not strike from the production but from the consumption. Omnia mea mecum porto.
The shy one at the table tastes the food and then it leaves it.